“Judi Heidel has been terrific to work with. She helped polish up two poetry collections for one of my authors. Judi provides great insight while respecting the author’s work. The author and I can’t thank her enough for her contribution. We love working with her.”

Marina Aris, Publisher Brooklyn Writers Press

“Judi Heidel is the best! She is a knowledgeable, warm, caring, insightful, and technically accurate editor. She provides compassionate and actionable feedback that respects the writer while making the writer’s work better. I really appreciated her enthusiasm and her confidence building in the value of my work. And she wasn’t wrong; since publishing my novel, “The Secrets Underneath,” in January 2020, it has garnered dozens of 5-star Amazon and Goodreads reviews. Thanks, Judi, for your wonderful editing advice.”

Barbara Mulvey Little
Author, Writer, Editor & Writing Coach

“Judi and I have been working together for years on my poetry and screenplays. Most recently, she edited the first two books of my fiction trilogy. She is always clear, honest, and inspiring. I am extremely sensitive about my work, as most artists are, so to work with an editor who can empathize with a volatile, passionate, insecure person like myself, who doesn’t like their work f****d with, Judi is nothing less than a guardian angel. Thank you, Judi, for always having my back.”

Geoffrey C. Parks

“Judi has been the perfect editor for my memoir. She is very knowledgeable about editing rules and is meticulous. Yet at the same time, she is flexible. She preserved my writing style and voice throughout even when that meant bending some rules. It has been a joy to work with Judi.”

Pasty Ella Patton

“Anyone who has ever hoped to write something worthy of a reader’s time needs two things. First, they need a Muse. Second, they need a professional editor. A really great editor like Judi is much like a mythical character who is blessed by the gods with a special sight that allows her to see the writer’s intent and follow the flow of his words. She was able to look at my work in an objective but caring manner. She is unquestionably detail-oriented, so you won’t be getting away with much. Judi provided encouragement (not a required part of her job) by being excited by my work. That encouragement left me confident in my writing and inspired me to start on other projects. The book that I recently finished started as a random collection of pieces. With Judi’s help, those pieces became something I felt so good about that I decided to publish it. Thank you, Judi; you’re the best.”

John James Cooper

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