“To err is human, so for those of us unfortunate enough to have been cursed as homo sapiens, it’s necessary to find somebody to correct those inevitable mistakes. Fortunately, there is Judi Heidel’s divine editing. Judi performed an intervention on my website, finding and correcting embarrassing errors, improving the flow of the text, and moving my copy a little closer to the pearly gates. ”

Keith Morrill
Writer and Editor
Little City Editing

“I am an editor, but it is almost impossible for me to catch all the errors in my writing; I just can’t see them. Judi Heidel was the perfect second set of eyes on my website copy. She found my typos, made smart suggestions to smooth the text, and was very pleasant to work with. I highly recommend her as the copyeditor for editors.”

Sarah Walworth
Tricot Edit

“Judi came highly recommended to me by a friend of mine who is a high powered mortgage broker. I am a screenwriter and needed a top notch grammar editor to work on a script of mine. She did an awesome job, in a timely manner, for a reasonable price. From the business to the creative Judi is the editor for me.”

Geoff Parks

“I had the synchronistic pleasure of working with Judi when I hired her to help me meet a very tight ESL-editing deadline. Not only did she help me meet it, she was with me until the very end. Judi is an excellent communicator, met deadlines efficiently, and returned an excellent edit despite the ESL material being dense and tortuous (make that “tortured”). I am very impressed by her conscientiousness. Judi was a pleasure to work with, and I would undoubtedly hire her again if the opportunity arose!”

Lisa Neff
Editorial Services